Don't waste your time & money on your modeling and online career! 

  • There is no source currently that breaks down the modeling industry like this course
  • People have NO idea what is the right/proper path to take to become a successful model, influencer or TV host
  • People are spending thousands of dollars wasting money going down the wrong path.
  • There are so many "SCAMS" people do not know who to believe
  • There are so many people who give people "false dreams" hurting these young people
  • Stop spending thousands of dollars on the wrong photos! Model schools are a "rip off". 
  • Stop wasting precious and critical time in your modeling or online career! 

What you will learn in the course:

  • The course is an in-depth look at the modeling and influencer industry! 
  • What are the right photos you need
  • What are the wrong images for your portfolio?
  • How does spirituality play a role in creating a star? 
  • How to negotiate agreements? 
  • What is the right modeling for YOU! 
  • What is a mother agent?
  • What are the responsibilities of an agency? 
  • How many agencies should a model have?
  • Advertising campaigns, Fashion shows, Look books, Fashion editorials
  • The importance of Social Media
  • What tools are needed to launch your modeling & online career! 
  • How to use social media to become a star! 
  • The dangers of the modeling industry
  • Modeling in Paris, Milan, Germany, Spain, London, Tokyo, China,
  • New York, Los Angeles and other modeling markets.
  • How to become an influencer! 
  • How to create your own product line! 
  • Swimsuit, Curve, Commercial & High Fashion Modeling! 


  • 18 training modules with Q & A following each module
  • The "why" is everything
  • Why do you want to be a top model, influencer or TV host
  • The importance of fashion magazine covers
  • Dangers of the modeling industry
  • "Image" is everything! 
  • Who are the top decision makers
  • Secrets to becoming a star!


  • 25 training modules with Q & A following each module
  • Starting your career
  • What is a mother agency?
  • Modeling in Paris, Milan, Spain, The Uk, New York, Miami and the Asian markets
  • One booking can create you into a star! 
  • Tools needed to start your career
  • Turning what you think is your weakness into your greatest strength


  • 21 training modules with Q & A following each module
  • Swimsuit modeling
  • Curve modeling
  • Commercial modeling
  • Modeling in the USA
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Acting
  • The right type of presentation needed for each category of modeling


  • 21 training modules with Q & A following each module 
  • The importance of Social Media
  • Becoming an influencer
  • Creating an online following
  • Licensing deal and creating your own product line
  • Spirituality and Modeling
  • Social Media was not built for dating!

Hear what two New Stars have to say about

The Paul Fisher Method

Paul Fisher

For more than 30 years. Paul Fisher has represented some of the most famous faces in the world such as Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Carla Bruni, Monica Bellucci, Brooke Burke, Marjan Jonkman & Eva Horzigova.

Paul’s models have generated over 300.000.000 in model bookings for the most prestigious brands such as:

Versace, Prada, Gucci, Yves St Laurent. Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs. Tom Ford, Valentino, Channel & Dior.

Paul is the star/host of the hit TV series "I Can Make You A Supermodel”

Check out the stars who have trusted Paul Fisher with their career! 

Marcus Panthera

Director of Elite Miami

"My dear friend, and one of the most brilliant agent I ever have the honor to work with. For the first time, fashion lovers will have a chance to learn from one of the very best. I highly recommend"

Selena Alonzo

Director of Women New York

"Paul is one of the most passionate people I have ever met. His dedication to his talents is an inspiration!"

Matteo Puglisi

CEO Select Models Paris Milan LA

"Paul is the Highlander of the modeling Industry, one of the last standing iconic agents of our business, a depositary of the know-how of our business. His old school golden age approach is invaluable to anyone taking the first steps in this business"


Director of Two Models Spain

"Paul is that kind of person you learn from every day- his passion for fashion is such an inspiration! Someone great to work with and absolutely gold for the industry"

Carole White

Owner Premier Model Mgmt UK

"I have known Paul Fisher for many years. He has always been a very strong agent with the ability to see who can make it and guide them with his knowledge of how to get to the top! He has the experience needed to make a star."

Phira Luon

Director of Photogenics Media LA

"I've had the pleasure of working with paul for years and have always admired and respected him for his professionalism and passion. he is truly a star in his own right in this industry and im honored to call him a colleague"